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Well, my rating system is a pretty easy one. Its a one out ten.ten being good one being bad and so on.So enjoy my reviews.

Wrong Turn (2003)
Plot Outline: A carload of six teens find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by "cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of inbreeding. Review: The movie was pretty good the start of the movie is somewhat slow than it picks up and slows down again its really back and forth. The kill seances where great a lot different from some horrors movies where they just use a knife or an axe but this movie was different. The ending was good but come on fire has been use so many times in other horror movies so that was kinda old to see so I give this movie a 7/10 .

Stake Out (1986)
Plot Outline:Acclaimed director John Badham delivers a winning combination of action, suspense, comedy, and romance! Convinced that a dangerous escaped convict (Aidan Quinn) is headed for his ex-girlfriend's (Madeleine Stowe), a pair of Seattle detectives (Richard Dreyfuss, Emilio Estevez) stakeout her apartment. The watch remains routine until one of the detectives begins a high-risk romance with the woman under surveillance -- jeopardizing not only the partners' careers ... But also their lives! Review: Okay this movie has a pretty good story to it but it start's to slow down in the middle of the movie and doesn't pick up till towards the end of it. It has a good mix of comedy and action. The action seances are great and so are the comedy seances they are pretty funny. The truth is all together this movie is not that bad for an eighties movie so I give it a 7/10.

Another Stake Out (1993)
Plot Outline:A comic battle of wills and an outrageous test of endurance ensues when this trio is grudgingly assigned to keep vigil -- as unobtrusively as possible -- in a small, upscale resort community. Pretending to be an average American family on vacation, it's an unlikely domestic arrangement at best. But, like a typical family, they're stuck with one another. Trying to convincingly play house while keeping an eye on the home of their unsuspecting neighbors, this dysfunctional clan of incompatible companions is at one another's throats as they await the appearance of a missing witness for the state's case against a Las Vegas mob boss. And if they'd call a truce for a minute, and get off one another's case, they just might solve this one. Review: The same goes for this one as in the first one. The story is okay in this one but it slows down somewhat again and picks and slows all trough the movie but its still a pretty funny movie so you haven't seen part one or this one you should check them out I give this a 6/10.

The Crow (1994)
Plot Outline:Legendary Brandon Lee plays Eric Draven, a rock guitarist who, along with his finacee, is killed by a ruthless gang of criminals. One year after his death, Eric returns -- watched over by a hypnotic crow -- to seek revenge. Review: I saw this movie when it first came out. I think its an awesome movie the story is great and the actor's did a great job in this movie. some parts many be slow but it dose pick right back up where it slows down so i give this movie a 9/10.

The Crow - City Of Angels (1996)
Plot Outline:This action-packed sequel to THE CROW explodes on screen with hot new stars Vincent Perez (I DREAMED OF AFRICA) and sexy Mia Kirshner! After a brutal attack by an evil drug cartel, the murder victim (Perez) is brought back to life by a mysterious crow. With the help of a beautiful woman named Sarah (Kirshner), he exacts revenge on his killers one by one ... only to realize his enemy, the lethal Judah, has discovered the one weakness that can destroy him forever! Well i didn't think much of this one the story is pretty much slow and boring at times don't get me wrong it has some good action scenes. Review: I think the story could have been alittle better and they could of got a better actor to play the crow. I don't really have much more to say about this so i give it a 5/10.

The Crow - Salvation (2000)
Plot Outline:The third entry in The Crow series follows Alex Corvis, who was framed for the murder of his girlfriend and is executed. he is then brought back from the dead by a crow when the legend says 'Love is stronger than death'. He returns to discover that a corrupt police force is behind her murder and for him to go after the killers, he must find out the mystery behind everything that happened. Review: I found this one to be a lot better than the second one. the story was written a lot better and the actor's where a lot better too. there wasn't as much action in this one as the second one had but this still turn out to be good so give it 7/10.

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